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Ammouliani Island

A small, majestic island, the unique inhabited in Macedonia, right across from Mount Athos. Around a complex of smaller islands, Drenia, ideal for swimming and diving. Surrounded by the sea breeze and the sense of hospitality offered by the locals, offers many accommodation and entertainment options.


The walks around the island reveal the traditional houses, the courtyards with the fishermen's’ nets, small gardens with vegetables, the blooming gardens. All tidy and clean. The locals are involved with fishing, even having the largest fleet in Macedonia, with tourism and the olives’ cultivation.


The first inhabitants arrived on the island in 1925, as refugees from Asia Minor, and more specifically from Propontis islands (Gallimi, Pasalimani, Skoupia). They brought with them their precious customs, a valuable gastronomy, the art of fishing, and rare objects exhibited now in the island’s Folklore Museum.


The locals call this area Gaidouronisia (donkey islands) and it’s a gathering of small islands just under 2 miles off the coast of Ouranoupolis and Ammouliani. You may go there by renting a boat from Ouranoupolis or Kamboudi. (no license needed). Another way of reaching the Drenia islands is by the kaiki boats which leave from the main harbour (in front of the Tower) of Ouranoupolis starting at 10:00 am and every hour until 18:00 pm daily. There is a lovely tavern awaiting you!

Mount Athos

The peninsula of Athos, which was oficially named Mount Athos in 1045 , had, according to written testimonies,already by the year 843 lots of hermits in the area.That is why 963 is considered to be the beginnig of organized life, when the first monastery of Megistis Lavras was built by Osio Athanasios. In 972 the fist Tipiko( written law) was signed by Ioannis Tsimiski and monks living in the area at that time . This Tipiko was named Tragos (goat) because it written on the skin of a goat and it's the tipiko which laid out the rules involving living tigether.